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Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 & CDJ-2000NXS2 Announced! [Video]

By djblaze | Posted January 12, 2016
Earlier today Pioneer DJ Division has just announced their new flagship Mutlimedia deck CDJ-2000NXS2 and their new club-standard DJ mixer...

Reloop RMP-4 Deck Announced [Video]

By djblaze | Posted September 1, 2015
Reloop has just announced their brand new multi-media player called the RMP-4.  This new Hybrid Performance Player can play CD’s, USB...

Pioneer Rekordbox Full DJ Software [Video]

By djblaze | Posted July 30, 2015
Earlier this morning Pioneer DJ has released a very quick teaser video of what looks to be like their new Rekordbox software with a lot more...

Serato DJ 1.7.6 Update: Denon DS1 [Videos]

By djblaze | Posted June 30, 2015
Last night Serato DJ has released a new update to their flagship Software to provide additional compatibility for new products.  This new Serato...

Pioneer DJ’s History Part 2 [Video]

By djblaze | Posted December 29, 2014
Now that Pioneer DJ has started making the recently reviewed PLX-1000 turntables to play vinyl, it almost seems like the DJ equipment and culture has...

Pioneer’s New XDJ-1000 [Video]

By djblaze | Posted November 13, 2014
Pioneer DJ has just announced that they are releasing a new lineup of “CD-less” CDJ’s called the XDJ Line.  The new XDJ series...

BPM 2014: Numark NDX-500

By djblaze | Posted September 15, 2014
Numark is on a roll at this year’s BPM show in the UK with the release of a few new products.  The product that seems to be making the most...

Mixvibes Cross DVS Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

By djblaze | Posted June 20, 2014
The brand new Mixvibes Cross DVS package that works with any DJ soundcard has now been released and can be purchased at retailers everywhere for the...

Pioneer CDJ-900NXS Serato DJ Compatible [Video]

By djblaze | Posted June 2, 2014
Pioneer and Serato has just announced that the CDJ-900NXS multi-media player (an update to the hugely popular CDJ-900 that adds a new high-resolution...

[Video] Pioneer XDJ-AERO Remote Control Update

By djblaze | Posted December 30, 2013
The Pionner XDJ-Aero All-in-one Wireless DJ system is a compact and versatile machine that allows DJ’s to playback music using many different...
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