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21 Savage Questions “Drug Selling Music” Being More Accepted Than “Drug User Music”

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted November 21, 2017
"Our music is a reflection of what's going on in our community."

Russ Questions Rappers Who Use Depression to Glorify Drug Use

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted November 20, 2017
There is a difference between abusing drugs and "CHOOSING to publicly glorify it," according to Russ.
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“Shit Needs to Stop”: Azizi Gibson Delivers Powerful Speech on “Poisonous” Pill-Popping Culture

By DJ Z | Posted November 16, 2017
"Don't let these fucking rappers convince you that they're not about some drug that's in their name."

Making Sense of Wiz Khalifa’s Half-Baked Denouncement of Lean

By DJ Z | Posted November 13, 2017
Another week, another rapper denouncing lean use—sort of.
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“It’s Not Cool”: Danny Brown Reprimands Rappers Who Glamorize Drug Abuse

By DJ Z | Posted November 1, 2017
"A lot of these people are just saying it for entertainment purposes."

A Rapper Named Lil Xan Talks About His Painful Xanax Addiction & Recovery

By DJ Z | Posted October 19, 2017
“I was lucky to get off that shit.”
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“You Wonder Why You Slow & Boring on Stage?”: Kamaiyah on Teen Rappers Doing Drugs

By DJ Z | Posted October 12, 2017
"C'mon, bro, you killing yourself. Slow down."

Fredo Santana Defends His Own Personal Use of Xanax

By DJ Z | Posted September 12, 2017
No amount of money or social media currency can cure the ills of anxiety and repeated seizures.

Ty Dolla $ign Proclaims “Lean Is Dead,” But Rappers Can “Do What You Want”

By DJ Z | Posted September 5, 2017
Should rappers stop abusing lean? Ty Dolla thinks so (though he'll leave the decision-making up to you).

Ramriddlz Believes “Every Kid Tries to Sell Drugs” (They Do Not)

By DJ Z | Posted August 29, 2017
Rest assured all millennial parents reading this article: all children do not try to sell drugs.
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