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All of the 2015 Grammy Hip-Hop Nominees

By Nathan S. | Posted February 6, 2015
Besides the Best of the Booth Awards, the Grammys are the pinnacle of success in the music industry. Sure they don’t always get it right, but,...
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Rap Songs About Food - A Thanksgiving Playlist

By Lucas G. | Posted November 26, 2014
Only 24 hours until we are all stuffing our faces full of food and booze. Well, I do that every Thursday, but this time it’s Thanksgiving! I can...
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Staff Picks: Dave Macli’s Favorite Rap Songs of the Week

By Nathan S. | Posted November 21, 2014
Dave Macli? But nobody can see Dave Macli! Nobody’s ever seen Dave Macli! Even I’ve never seen him! Dave is the man who makes DJBooth and...
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The King Of The South Playlist

By Lucas G. | Posted November 19, 2014
Earlier today we debated which rapper is the King of the South. The best part? There is no wrong answer. (Unless you picked OJ da Juiceman.) While it...
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Staff Picks: Yoh’s Top 10 Most Amazingest Songs of the Week

By Nathan S. | Posted October 24, 2014
Listening to new music is literally our job, which means we also have to display at least some meager sense of professionalism when it comes to...
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Staff Picks: DJ Z’s Top 10 October Songs (So Far)

By DJ Z | Posted October 3, 2014
It seems a little crazy to be doing an October playlist only three days into the month, but have you heard the songs that have come out in the last...
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Staff Picks: DJ T-GUT’s Top 12 Hip-Hop Songs of the Month

By Nathan S. | Posted September 26, 2014
Last Friday I unleashed my own Staff Picks playlist on the interwebz, and all week I’ve been on my Mac Dre, challenging anyone in the DJBooth...
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Lucas G’s Favorite (Pre-2013) DJBooth Songs

By Lucas G. | Posted September 25, 2014
People always ask me how I got my job and I always tell them, “I was a fan of the site for a while,” because it’s true. Long before...
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Porn Stars in Music Videos: The Playlist (NSFW)

By Lucas G. | Posted September 23, 2014
Fun fact - the Porn Stars in Music Videos investigation is still one of the most popular features we’ve ever done. Alert the Pulitzer committee....
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Hump Day: 15 Songs To Get You Through the Week

By Lucas G. | Posted September 17, 2014
Anyone else feel like this week has been particularly long? Don’t worry though, the worst is over and you’re half-way there (if...
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