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An Artist Wants to Know If It’s Necessary to Perform Live Before Gaining a Fanbase

By DJ Z | Posted September 26, 2017
We asked veteran emcees PROF and Sadistik, and Soulection producer/DJ AbJo, for the answer.

What Exactly is the Role of a Producer Manager?

By DJ Z | Posted August 23, 2017
"There are times where I've covered [a producer's] rent for months because we're waiting on money to come."
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Answered: What Does It Mean to Be “Independent” in 2017?

By Brent Bradley | Posted May 23, 2017
There’s no longer a definitive circumstantial criterion for independence.

Should Artists Pay to Play Shows?

By Nathan S. | Posted June 28, 2016
Artists are being charged for opening slots at shows, should they pay up?
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How to Become a Successful Rapper

By Nathan S. | Posted June 13, 2016
The first step in becoming a rich and famous rapper is to give up the dream of becoming a rich and famous rapper.

Wait…What’s Mixing & Mastering?

By Nathan S. | Posted May 11, 2016
We continue our breakdown of music making fundamentals by answering a reader email about how to mix and master music.

Wait…What’s Music Publishing?

By Lucas G. | Posted May 6, 2016
Music publishing may be the single most important part of an artist's career, and the most misunderstood. We break it down.

Why is Future Repping Taliban Gang & Who Are They?

By Yoh | Posted March 4, 2016
Future even has Drake shouting out the Taliban Gang, but is it an actual gang, a label, or just a figment of Future's imagination?
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