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Holding Back Tears: Rap’s Role in Redefining Black Masculinity

By CineMasai | Posted October 17, 2017
Black men have varied experiences and perspectives, but our insecurities no longer need to be buried.

Hip-Hop’s Increasing & Conflicted Social Responsibility in the War Against Trump

By Matt Wilhite | Posted October 12, 2017
How much is hip-hop culture truly willing to understand and change in order to fight Trump?

Life, Death & A3C: The Beauty in Escaping Reality at Music Festivals

By Yoh | Posted October 11, 2017
Life’s a bitch, but it helps to forget that for a little bit.

The Rap City Freestyle Awards: An Absurdly Detailed Investigation

By Matt Wilhite | Posted October 2, 2017
From Bow Wow perplexing to Cam'ron floating, this is the best and worst of BET's hip-hop time capsule.

“Just Spit Raps”: A (Mostly) Serious Talk With Injury Reserve

By Miguelito | Posted September 29, 2017
'Drive It Like It’s Stolen' is the simple product of three friends not overthinking direction and just living rap.

Stop Calling Rapsody the “Female Kendrick”

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted September 25, 2017
'Laila's Wisdom' is not "girl 'To Pimp a Butterfly.'"

How Earl Sweatshirt Taught Me to Overcome My Insecurities

By Yoh | Posted September 20, 2017
No emcee has better captured the feeling of being devoured by your own thoughts than Earl Sweatshirt.

JAY-Z, “Empire State of Mind” & the Power of Time & Place on Music

By Brendan V | Posted September 16, 2017
Hov's performance at The Meadows was as beautiful and clichéd a moment as I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

The Symbolism of Every Frank Ocean Reference in ‘Insecure’—An Absurdly Detailed Investigation

By Austin Williams | Posted September 11, 2017
In season two of 'Insecure,' Issa Rae and her team of writers used Frank Ocean as their muse.

Mixing, Emotion & “Cutting Out the Bullshit”: A Talk with Former Frank Ocean Engineer Jeff Ellis

By Miguelito | Posted September 6, 2017
For revered engineer Jeff Ellis, great mixing is the product of great living—and breaking chains.
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