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The Soundtrack to My Suicide & The Music That Brought Me Back to Life

By Morgan Olson | one week ago
My fourth suicide attempt landed me in rehab, but the power of music brought me back to life.

“It Can Make You Suicidal”: SahBabii Condemns Instagram Materialism

By DJ Z | one week ago
"Do what you want to do, not what people tell you to do."

Rap’s Biggest Stars Are Depressed & So Are Their Fans

By Morgan Olson | 2 weeks ago
The music we listen to affects us, especially when we let it passively sink into our brains.

Kamaiyah Has Been Publicly Battling Depression for Years & No One Is Talking About It

By Brent Bradley | one month ago
Addressing the issue of depression is rarely something we can do completely on our own.
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B.o.B Opens Up About His Battle With Depression

By DJ Z | 2 months ago
"...It's just me being honest. I don't feel like everybody is honest."

Stormzy Opening Up About Depression Is a Refreshing Split From the Grime Standard

By DJ Z | 4 months ago
The UK star's powerful words about mental health are a welcome change from a genre—like hip-hop—soaked in bravado.

Latasha Alcindor’s Inspiring Story From Deep Depression to a $10K Angel Investment

By Yoh | 5 months ago
The beauty of her story isn’t where she is going, but the steps she has taken to get here.

Nitty Scott Threatens Retirement & Suicide, Symptoms of a Predatory Industry

By Brent Bradley | 6 months ago
We have to start addressing the causes of these breakdowns rather than just reacting to them.

What to Do When Depression, Stress & Anxiety Steal Your Love of Music

By Kareem Sheikh | 7 months ago
In times of need, it’s important to go back to your favorite albums.

Death Around the Corner: The Lingering Cloud of Suicide in Hip-Hop

By Andy James | 9 months ago
Now more than ever before, artists are helping to erode the destructive stigma surrounding mental health.
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