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Freddie Gibbs Refuses to Compare Himself to Tupac, Other Rappers Take Note

By DJ Z | one week ago
"For me to say that, I think I’d be oversteppin’ my boundaries."

Why VICELAND’s ‘The Therapist’ Could Be Amazing—or Horrendous—for Hip-Hop

By Brent Bradley | one week ago
Please don’t let this turn into Dr. Phil for musicians...
Tags: News, Opinion

French Montana’s Stupid, Offensive Tweet Is a Social Experiment in Our Hypocrisy

By DJ Z | 2 weeks ago
Who knew calling someone a "musty crusty dusty rusty ass hoe" would become an enlightening event?

Wait, What If Kendrick Lamar Isn’t Releasing His New Album Friday?

By DJ Z | about 3 weeks ago
Is a new Kendrick album definitely dropping on April 7? We're not so sure.

Death Threats, Conspiracy Theories & Brother Ali’s 3-Day Stay in an Iranian Airport

By Brent Bradley | 3 weeks ago
Brother Ali’s recent travels abroad involved some frightening moments.

Vince Staples Justifiably Annoyed by Gangbanging Question in NPR Interview

By DJ Z | 3 weeks ago
"You can't find a Jay Z article where they don't speak about him selling drugs."

Action Bronson’s ‘Blue Chips 7000’ Is Almost Finished, But What About His Rap Career?

By Andy James | 3 weeks ago
"Just putting the finishing touches on 'Blue Chips 7000.' All I gotta say is damn that shit heat. Be safe."

Talib Kweli Puts Being an Independent Artist in 2017 in Perspective

By Brent Bradley | 3 weeks ago
Talib’s been in the game for a long time, and he knows what he’s talking about.

Q-Tip Perfectly Describes the Role of an Artist In 200 Words

By Brent Bradley | 3 weeks ago
The legendary rapper just dropped a jewel that should not be overlooked.

L.A. Reid Believes Future’s Lack of Top 40 Hits Have Elongated His Career

By Brent Bradley | one month ago
There’s clearly something to be said for keeping your core fans happy.
Tags: Future , News
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