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Who’s Really Cashing In From SoundCloud’s Premier Program?

By Cassidy Kakin | one week ago
Hint: It's not the indie creators that helped build the platform into the giant it is today.

Jay Z, Spotify & How You Can Avoid The Streaming Wars

By Andy James | 2 weeks ago
Mad at Hov for taking his music off of Spotify and Apple Music?

Why Spotify Premium Exclusives Won’t Work

By Bob Lefsetz | 3 weeks ago
The music business is a race to the bottom.

Spotify Has Reportedly Discussed Record Label-Style Deals With Artists

By DJ Z | one month ago
Unlike Apple's deal with Chance for 'Coloring Book,' Spotify is looking to play the long game.

Here’s The Truth About Spotify Payouts & How You Can Win

By Bob Lefsetz | 3 months ago
You're being screwed by the label, but Spotify can't say this because the labels are their partners.

Can Jay Z Save Tidal by Acquiring Prince’s Vault of Unreleased Music?

By Yoh | about 6 months ago
Jay Z is bidding big for Prince's unreleased musical vault, but will it be enough to save Tidal?

Drake’s “One Dance” Becomes Most Streamed Song on Spotify

By DJ Z | 6 months ago
The hit single from his "VIEWS" album has racked up close to 900 million plays on the streaming platform.

How Apple Music Blew Up 6LACK’s “Problems”

By Nathan S. | 9 months ago
One man at Apple Music pushed a button and took a new ATL artist from unknown to millions of streams.

Meet the Real Music Streaming Illuminati

By Nathan S. | 10 months ago
You wouldn't recognize them if you stood next to them, but these men really could make or break careers.
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