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Spotify’s RapCaviar Playlist Is Driving the Culture

By Bob Lefsetz | 2 weeks ago
The debate about Spotify has been about compensation, but the true story is influence.

Who’s Really Cashing In From SoundCloud’s Premier Program?

By Cassidy Kakin | 2 months ago
Hint: It's not the indie creators that helped build the platform into the giant it is today.

Jay Z, Spotify & How You Can Avoid The Streaming Wars

By Andy James | 2 months ago
Mad at Hov for taking his music off of Spotify and Apple Music?
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Xavier Omär - Afraid (prod. by Bizness Boi)

Why Spotify Premium Exclusives Won’t Work

By Bob Lefsetz | 2 months ago
The music business is a race to the bottom.

Spotify Has Reportedly Discussed Record Label-Style Deals With Artists

By DJ Z | 3 months ago
Unlike Apple's deal with Chance for 'Coloring Book,' Spotify is looking to play the long game.

Here’s The Truth About Spotify Payouts & How You Can Win

By Bob Lefsetz | 5 months ago
You're being screwed by the label, but Spotify can't say this because the labels are their partners.

Can Jay Z Save TIDAL by Acquiring Prince’s Vault of Unreleased Music?

By Yoh | about 8 months ago
Jay Z is bidding big for Prince's unreleased musical vault, but will it be enough to save TIDAL?

Kanye’s Right: The Apple Music vs TIDAL Streaming War is “Bullshit”

By Andy James | 8 months ago
Kanye is tired of this “bullshit” streaming war, and so are we.
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