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NAMM 2016: Gemini SDJ-2000

By djblaze | Posted January 21, 2016
Gemini DJ has just announced a brand new all in one standalone DJ system with a built-in seven-inch screen and the ability to playback files using USB...

[NAMM 2013] Gemini G4V Controller Announced

By djblaze | Posted January 22, 2013
Gemini is coming to the NAMM 2013 with a bag full of tricks.  The second Digital DJ controller announced by Gemini for this week’s show is...

[NAMM 2013] Gemini GMX Pro Announced

By djblaze | Posted January 21, 2013
In advance of the NAMM 2013 show, Gemini DJ has announced a new all-in-one DJ controller and Mixstation that is capable of playing music through a USB...

Gemini DJ End of Summer Savings

By djblaze | Posted September 10, 2012
End of the summer got you down?  Gemini DJ is here to brighten up your day even if you are back at school and hating every minute of it. ...

Gemini CDJ-650 Now Shipping!

By djblaze | Posted September 3, 2012
The New Gemini CDJ-650 multi-media CD deck is now available for purchase worldwide.  A few months ago we brought you the full HD-Video review of...

[Video] 2012 DJ Expo - Gemini CDMP-7000 Rundown

By djblaze | Posted August 15, 2012
While we were over at the Gemini Booth at the 2012 Atlantic City DJ Expo we were treated to the CDJ-650 rundown video and we were also given a full...

[Video] 2012 DJ Expo - Gemini CDJ-650 Rundown

By djblaze | Posted August 15, 2012
Within the confines of the Gemini DJ Booth at this year’s 2012 Atlantic City DJ Expo, we were treated to a full rundown video of the newly...

[Video] 2012 DJ Expo - Gemini Booth

By djblaze | Posted August 15, 2012
Gemini DJ Division was at this year’s Atlantic City DJ Expo to show us their new CDJ lineup and their CDMP all-in-one DJ units.  The new...

Gemini HSR-1000 Professional Headphones

By djblaze | Posted July 26, 2012
Gemini has been cranking out some fine professional audio equipment as of late including their new powerful line of GVX series speakers, high quality...

Gemini CDJ-700 & CDMP-2700 Firmware Update

By djblaze | Posted May 15, 2012
Gemini DJ Division has just released new firmware updates for the CDJ-700 and CDMP-2700.  The new firmware updates has a nice list of new...
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