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10 Hip-Hop Songs Guaranteed to Make You Smile (Unless You Are a Robot)

By Brent Bradley | one week ago
If these selections don't put a grin on your face, then you are an actual robot.
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5 Rappers That Would (Probably) Give Amazing Graduation Speeches

By Brent Bradley | one week ago
It’s time to add some swagger to the boring, old tradition of graduation speeches.
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A Brief History of Cringeworthy Special Effects In Rap Videos

By Brent Bradley | one month ago
These videos looked amazing when they came out. Now? Not so much.

Classic Hate: The Internet Hates on Nas’ ‘Illmatic’

By Lucas G. | one month ago
"Nas stole his style from Kool G Rap and continues to beat us in the head with nothing but hype."
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Sampa The Great - Paved With Gold feat. Estelle (prod. by Rahki)

I, Rapper: Imagining a Hip-Hop Future With A.I.

By Brent Bradley | one month ago
Artificial intelligence is bleeding into everything, why not hip-hop?
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U2’s Hip-Hop History, a Brief Collection

By Brent Bradley | one month ago
The Irish rock band's guest feature on Kendrick's new album isn't their first foray into the world of hip-hop.
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Rap is No Joke, Except for When it Totally Is

By Hershal Pandya | 2 months ago
Sometimes comedy rap works, but more often than not, it fails miserably.

5 Worthy Candidates for Hip-Hop Attorney General

By Brent Bradley | about 3 months ago
Jeff Sessions' continued slippage has us looking to hip-hop for a more suitable A.G.
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