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20 Worst Song Lyrics From Eminem’s ‘Revival’ Album

By Andy James | Posted December 22, 2017
Eminem gave me no choice but to write this when he rapped, "Your booty is heavy duty like diarrhea."

Finding the Worst Lyric Off The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ Album

By Nathan S. | Posted November 28, 2016
Another Weeknd album means another chance to find terrible lyrics everyone overlooks because he sings them so sweetly.

Mind Blown: Lupe Fiasco’s “Adoration of the Magi” Lyrics Are Genius

By Nathan S. | Posted July 22, 2016
I've heard the song 100 times, but I never uncovered the mind-blowing references in the chorus until now.

Confirmed: Biggie Was Rapping About Drinking Grape Juice on “Big Poppa”

By Nathan S. | Posted May 23, 2016
For decades hip-hop heads have wondered if Biggie's "Welch's grape" was grape jelly? Soda? Juice? We finally have our answer.

Elzhi - INTROverted

By Brendan V | Posted March 24, 2016
Artist(s): eLZhi
Tags: Bars, Lyrics

What’s Kendrick Lamar Whispering on “Untitled 04”?

By Nathan S. | Posted March 8, 2016
Seriously, it's driving me crazy. What the hell is he whispering about? Here's my best guess...

Study Says Chief Keef Swears More Per Song Than Any Rapper Ever

By Nathan S. | Posted January 20, 2016
A new study breaks down the most swear-word using rappers of all-time.
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