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Meet Kipp Stone, a ‘Dirty Face Angel’ Putting East Cleveland on the Map

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted December 8, 2017
“When I wasn’t making any money and I was just down bad, I was thinking, ‘I could really just do this. I could really just start selling dope.’”

Meet Supa Bwe, the Chicago MC Who Hears Bells in His Head

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted December 6, 2017
“I see the music as damn near like a brochure. Here’s who I am as a person, do you fuck with me or not?”

How Grace Weber & The Social Experiment Created Some “Special Universe Shit”

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted November 2, 2017
Grace came into The Social Experiment's world as an insanely talented beam, and they're helping direct it upward.
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Meet Danny Watts, the Houston Rapper Signed to Jonwayne Who Just Quit His Costco Job

By Bryan Kalbrosky | Posted October 4, 2017
Two years after a making a chance connection on SoundCloud, the Houston native is a full-time rapper.

Who’s Torii Wolf & Why Did DJ Premier Produce Her Debut Album? They Explain

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted September 28, 2017
On 'Flow Riiot,' singer-songwriter Torii Wolf and legendary producer DJ Premier serve up beans and cheesecake—and it's delicious.

Meet Garren Sean, the New Bay Area Talent With a Timeless Sound

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted September 26, 2017
How collaborating with Chance The Rapper and others gave Garren Sean the missing piece to his own sound.

Meet 6 Exciting Indie Artists on Macklemore’s New ‘Gemini’ Album

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted September 19, 2017
The Seattle native's new album is an artist discovery tool. Let's dig in...

Meet Dougie F, a Jersey Artist Using His Yellow Durag to Uplift the Masses

By Ryan "SamuRy" Payan | Posted September 14, 2017
"People out here ain’t even making sacrifices for shit they love. I always want to remind myself—take risks."

Meet Don Mykel, a Harlem Emcee With ‘Infinite’ Potential

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted September 5, 2017
The 2Pac-influenced Harlem wordsmith is fusing vintage with new-age.

Meet Daz Rinko, a Memphis Rapper Injecting ‘Black Boy Joy’ Into Southern Grooves

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted August 25, 2017
We spoke with the Southern artist his newly-released EP, the "New Memphis" movement and an uncertain future.
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