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Here’s The Truth About Spotify Payouts & How You Can Win

By Bob Lefsetz | one month ago
You're being screwed by the label, but Spotify can't say this because the labels are their partners.

7 Tips on How to Make it in Music in 2017

By Bob Lefsetz | one month ago
All aspiring artists should be taking notes.

Lyor Cohen: Steve Jobs Bullied the Music Industry, Spotify is an Evolution

By William E. Ketchum III | 6 months ago
Spotify is now demonized by the music industry, but industry vet Cohen says that Jobs and iTunes were far more problematic.

Chance the Rapper Got His Start Handing Out CDs to Fans

By Nathan S. | 6 months ago
Chance didn't get his start through co-signs or come ups, he earned it traveling the city and passing out CDs.

Chance the Rapper’s Music Festival is Presented by Bud Light, What’s “Indie” Mean Again?

By Nathan S. | 7 months ago
Chance's festival is backed by some of the largest corporations in the country - not bad for an "indie" rapper from 79th.

How Royce da 5’9” Had the Best Album Rollout of 2016

By Yoh | 7 months ago
In the age of the surprise release, album roll outs still matter and Royce da 5'9" did it best with "Layers."

Can PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “P3” Album Break OVO’s Non-Drake Cold Streak?

By William E. Ketchum III | 7 months ago
PARTYNEXTDOOR's new album finally has a release date, but can the project break the year's cold streak of OVO signees?

Lupe Fiasco & The Hidden Power of Fan Data for Artists

By Nathan S. | 7 months ago
Lupe gets it. If you're an artist you're a business, and if you're a business, you need to know your customers.

How Apple Music Blew Up 6LACK’s “Problems”

By Nathan S. | 7 months ago
One man at Apple Music pushed a button and took a new ATL artist from unknown to millions of streams.
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