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How Royalty Exchange Has Transformed the World of Music Publishing

By Yoh | about 22 hours ago
We spoke wth Royalty Exchange about how they've completely changed with world of buying and selling publishing.

A 10 Rule Promotional Plan for Artists Who Already Have a Hit Record

By Bob Lefsetz | one week ago
A step-by-step booklet for you to get your game on track, not your career pushed back.

The-Dream Criticizes Artists Who Sacrifice Money for Independence

By DJ Z | about 3 weeks ago
"Don't become no independent artist and be on SoundCloud and y'all not making no paper just to say you independent."

An Indie Rapper Paid Producer Ronny J $550 for Four Beats — They Never Arrived

By DJ Z | 3 weeks ago
"I work in the tech industry but not full-time, so it is a pretty big loss."
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Montell2099 x 21 Savage - Hunnid On The Drop

An 18-Year-Old Tyga Might Have Signed the Worst Record Contract Ever

By DJ Z | 3 weeks ago
"I'm 17-18 at this time, so I don't know nothing about no lawyers."

Hey Artists, Be Like 21 Savage & Own Your Masters

By DJ Z | one month ago
21 Savage owns his masters because he leveraged proven success in his contract negotiations.

“They Own Everything & Got a 70/30 Split”: Jimmy Iovine On SZA’s Favorable Record Deal

By DJ Z | one month ago
"You have all of these artists that are creating buzz, getting action on their music, and then what happens is all the labels bid."
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