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Meet SahBabii, Rap’s Latest Viral Sensation From Atlanta

By Brent Bradley | about 8 hours ago
The young Atlanta artist already has a viral hit and some powerful co-signs under his belt.
Tags: Meet, Opinion

How Noname Helped Me Face My Death

By Miguelito | 8 hours ago
A Saturday night concert prepared me for the end of life by showing me how to live.

We Need to Put an End to Hip-Hop Head Vetting

By Selene San Felice | 11 hours ago
Allow us to introduce you to The White Knight and The Old Head.
Tags: Opinion

Why Major Label Artists No Longer Need Hit Singles to Release Their Album

By Brent Bradley | one day ago
Reason #202349723 in which the internet changed everything.
Tags: Opinion

Alphabet Assassins: 10 Best Alliterative Hip-Hop Songs, Ranked

By Brent Bradley | one day ago
Sometimes it takes a concept record to truly illustrate hip-hop's grasp on linguistics.
Tags: Opinion

Why Word of Mouth Still Matters Most in Music’s Algorithm Age

By Yoh | one day ago
A personal recommendation is still the only one that matters in a world of tastemakers, payola, curated playlists and gatekeepers.

How CyHi The Prynce Almost Signed to Jeezy Instead of Kanye West

By Andy James | one day ago
Imagining the butterfly effect implications had CyHi chose Jeezy over Yeezy.
Tags: Brief, Opinion

Pulling Back the Curtain on the Great Drake Page View Grab

By DJ Z | 2 days ago
Why does DJBooth always feature Drake?
Tags: Opinion

From Kanye to Kevin Abstract, a Personal Music Video Lineage

By CineMasai | 2 days ago
Kanye's creative vision birthed a generation of artists unafraid to be themselves in music videos.
Tags: Opinion
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