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Meet Ken Lewis: Hip-Hop’s Max Martin

By Anna Dorn | 6 months ago
We sit down with a man working behind the scenes with the biggest artists in the world.

All 22 Producers on Wale’s “Summer on Sunset”

By DJ Z | 10 months ago
From DJ Mustard to Jake One, we linked with Wale to create a full guide to every beatsmith on his new summer anthem project.

How a Norwegian Trap Producer Built a Career Outside the Music Industry

By Nathan S. | about 11 months ago
The internet's opening up ways for producers to make music their full-time job that were previously unimaginable.

The Best Songs That Didn’t Make The Album Because of Samples

By Lucas G. | 11 months ago
From "Control" to the brand new "Grown Ass Kid," you could make a classic hip-hop album from the dopeness that an uncleared sample killed.

Oddisee’s Best Beats

By Lucas G. | 11 months ago
With a new instrumental album out now, we break down some of Oddisee's best beats.

R.I.P. Isao Tomita, Synth Pioneer & Hip-Hop Sample Favorite

By Lucas G. | 11 months ago
Though the name Isao Tomita is likely new to you, he's certainly responsible for huge amounts of your favorite music.

A Tribute to Slurpees & Three 6 Mafia’s Underrated Production Genius

By Lucas G. | 11 months ago
From "Stay Fly" to "Int'l Player's Anthem" and much more, DJ Paul and Juicy J are some of the best to ever flip a sample.
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