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How To Use Pitch Play On Reloop’s MIXON 4 [Video]

By Ryan "SamuRy" Payan | Posted August 22, 2017
Reloop explains how to use “Pitch Play” on the MIXON 4

Reloop Presents: Jay Frog All Vinyl DJ Set [VIDEO]

By djblaze | Posted August 8, 2017
When I first started spinning back in 1992 vinyl was really the only way to play.  I don’t miss lugging around crates and crates of records...

Reloop RMP-4 Deck Announced [Video]

By djblaze | Posted September 1, 2015
Reloop has just announced their brand new multi-media player called the RMP-4.  This new Hybrid Performance Player can play CD’s, USB...

Reloop RMX Innofader Installation [Video]

By djblaze | Posted July 23, 2015
The Reloop RMX mixers are built tough and they have great features such as on-board FX and different inputs and outputs for all DJ styles.  They...

Reloop Concorde DJ Cartridges [Video]

By djblaze | Posted July 21, 2015
Way back at the BPM 2013 show, Reloop announced a joint venture with Ortofon DJ to create vinyl turntable cartridges that would appeal to different...

Connecting Tablet/Smartphone: Reloop RMX-22i & RMX-33i Mixers [Video]

By djblaze | Posted May 26, 2015
Reloop has released a new video showing their new Reloop RMX-22i & RMX-33i Mixers easily connecting to Tablet and Smartphone devices via their new...

Reloop RMX-22i & RMX-33i Mixers [Video]

By djblaze | Posted April 16, 2015
Reloop has just announced two new DJ Mixers that show a lot of promise and versatility in their makeup and functionality.  The new Reloop RMX-22i...

NAMM 2015: Reloop RMX-60 Mixer

By djblaze | Posted January 23, 2015
In an earlier post for the NAMM 2015 show, Reloop has introduced us to its new low-cost four-channel club grade mixer called the RMX-60.  The new...
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NAMM 2015: Reloop RP-8000 Straight Turntable

By djblaze | Posted January 23, 2015
As we reported in an earlier NAMM 2015 story, the Reloop team has decided to release their flagship RP-8000 turntables in a straight tonearm edition...

NAMM 2015: Reloop RP-8000 Straight & RMX-60 Digital [Video]

By djblaze | Posted January 20, 2015
Reloop has just dropped a BOMB for vinyl DJ’s by announcing its new Reloop RP-8000 Straight turntable with a straight tonearm that is great for...
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