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Lawsuit Against Chance The Rapper Latest Reminder You Can Be Sued for a Sample on a Free Mixtape

By DJ Z | Posted September 13, 2017
Chance joins Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller as the latest big-name rapper to be sued over an unauthorized sample.

French Montana Spent $600k of His Own Money on “Unforgettable”

By DJ Z | Posted August 2, 2017
Unforgettable... and expensive.

Meet the Brooklyn Soul Band Who JAY-Z, Kendrick & Kid Cudi All Sampled to Make Magic

By Yoh | Posted August 1, 2017
You've heard the Menahan Street Band, even if you've never listened to them.

Cheat Sheet: Every Sample Used on JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’

By DJ Z | Posted June 30, 2017
A breakdown of every sample on Hov's No I.D.-produced 13th studio album.

Mac Miller Cleared Sufjan Stevens Sample on “Donald Trump” For Free

By DJ Z | Posted June 15, 2017
"He didn't know how huge it would be at the time."

Soul World: How the Soulful Sample is J. Cole’s Greatest Ally

By Yoh | Posted May 31, 2017
J. Cole and soulful, sample-based production are to eardrums what steak and lobster are to taste buds.

The Hip-Hop History of Willie Hutch’s “Brother’s Gonna Work It Out” Sample

By Andy James | Posted March 15, 2017
The complete history of one of the best samples of all time.

DJ Khaled Clearing a Fugees Sample is Lowkey Fascinating

By Nathan S. | Posted July 28, 2016
One of Khaled's most impressive feats was somehow convincing every member of The Fugees to clear a "Fu-Gee-La" sample.

Why This German Copyright Case is Big News for Hip-Hop Sampling

By Nathan S. | Posted May 31, 2016
A new court decision should serve as a powerful reminder to producers that not every sample needs to be cleared.
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