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DJ Khaled Clearing a Fugees Sample is Lowkey Fascinating

By Nathan S. | 9 months ago
One of Khaled's most impressive feats was somehow convincing every member of The Fugees to clear a "Fu-Gee-La" sample.

Why This German Copyright Case is Big News for Hip-Hop Sampling

By Nathan S. | about 11 months ago
A new court decision should serve as a powerful reminder to producers that not every sample needs to be cleared.

The Best Songs That Didn’t Make The Album Because of Samples

By Lucas G. | 11 months ago
From "Control" to the brand new "Grown Ass Kid," you could make a classic hip-hop album from the dopeness that an uncleared sample killed.

This Woman Cleared the Samples on Your Favorite Album, Here’s How

By Lucas G. | 11 months ago
We connected with a 25 year industry veteran, who has worked with Drake, Kendrick and more, to break down the business of clearing a sample.

From “Through The Wire” to “Oh Boy,” When Samples Drive the Song

By Lucas G. | one year ago
Sometimes a sample becomes the center of an entire song—just ask Kanye or The Diplomats.

A Tribute To Nujabes, Music’s Great, Lost Producer

By Lucas G. | one year ago
Six years ago we lost one of the most creative producers in music, but it's never too late to hear what made him so great.

J Dilla’s “Donuts” Album Turns 10-Years-Old, Let’s Celebrate!

By Lucas G. | one year ago
Dilla's legendary album "Donuts" turns 10, giving us the perfect chance to listen to the man's legendary music.

“I Want to Evolve”: Frank Dukes on the Past, Present & Future of Sampling

By Nathan S. | one year ago
Meet the producer Kanye just credited with helping make the "Real Friends" beat.
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