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Killer Mike’s Barber Shop Interview with George Clinton is Full of Gems

By Brent Bradley | 5 days ago
There’s nothing quite like watching two masters of their craft chop it up.

A Brief History of Cringeworthy Special Effects In Rap Videos

By Brent Bradley | 5 days ago
These videos looked amazing when they came out. Now? Not so much.

A Complete Breakdown of Lil Dicky’s Bizarre “Pillow Talking” Short Film

By Brent Bradley | about 2 weeks ago
God, aliens, hip-hop, pizza—this video has it all.

Red Bull Music Academy Examines the International Rise of Grime

By Brendan V | 2 weeks ago
Get in tune with the OGs, current stars and up-and-comers of the UK grime scene.

Michael Christmas’ “Not the Only One” Is For Everyone Who Can’t Stop Fucking Up

By Andy James | about 3 weeks ago
"This song is for anyone who be fucking up and it’s not on purpose you just can’t seem to get right."

NYC Rapper Marlon Craft Looks Like Nothing, Sounds Like Everything

By Brent Bradley | one month ago
A skinny, white rapper from Hell's Kitchen is ready to battle your preconceived perceptions.

Holy Sh*t You Need to See This Dude (Actually) Freestyle on Venice Beach

By Brent Bradley | one month ago
Just a guy, a beat and a crowded boardwalk for inspiration.
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