Action Bronson x DJ Semi - Drug Sh*t

Posted 2 years ago
DJ Semi
None (Promo Single)

Last seen playing second fiddle to Fat Joe on late-August mixtape cut Your Honor, Action Bronson steps back into the spotlight with a non-album cut of his own. Contrary to what its title suggests, Drug Sh*t isn’t about narcotics, per se. Instead, it sounds like the work of a man who’s too high to stay on any one subject—even the subject of getting high. Over co-headliner DJ Semi‘s stately string/bell loops, the Flushing, Queens native mixes scatological trash talk and shotgun-toting street lyricism with oddball revelations regarding his sex life: “I’m kinky, I’ll hit it even if it’s stinky / Put ‘em in the shower, make her p*ssy brand new.” While his bars are surprisingly light on food references, he does chow down on “the biggest piece of chicken at the table” in the final verse. If Drug Sh*t‘s left you fiending for more, stay tuned; as mentioned above, the cut is an unofficial remix by DJ Semi, but we’ll keep you posted on Action Bronson’s plans as further details emerge.

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Posted 2 years ago

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