Alexander Dreamer - Underneath the Gods [Fallen Kings]

Posted 2 years ago
Alexander Dreamer
Dancing With the Devil

Fresh off the release of his digital debut album, Dancing With the Devil, Alexander Dreamer steps into the Booth with a little something to pique our appetites for the main course. The project’s introductory track, Underneath the Gods [Fallen Kings], is a distinct change of pace from its predecessor, the brash, self-assured Freedom of Speech. Here, the Columbus, Ohio representative foregoes braggadocio to paint a warts-and-all picture of his experiences on the grind, depicting the valleys of struggle and self-doubt between those moments of triumph that make it all worthwhile. An unknown director’s stylized visuals accompany the cut. Sh*t may be tough being “diamond in the rough,” but dope, relatable joints like this one should ensure Alexander Dreamer doesn’t stay overlooked for much longer. If you like what you’re hearing, more bangers await on the above-mentioned freshman set, released today for free download and purchase on iTunes.

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Posted 2 years ago

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