Block Life ft. E-40 & Shawty Lo - 17.5 (Remix)

Posted 7 years ago
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KC Blaze
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In a conversation about Kansas City hip-hop, Tech N9ne would likely be the first emcee brought up.  If the talk went on for another few minutes, though, you’d doubtless hear about rappers Crook and Bird, together known as Block Life  Thanks to the local success of their Gorillaz & Birds LP, they’ve scored a mid-major deal with the Universal-distributed Bungalo Records.  Their first single as national artists is a remix of regional hit 17.5; while KC Blaze‘s beat (which samples Shawty Lo‘s Got Em 4 The LO) is retained, Crook & Bird’s verses are sandwiched between contributions from two big names.  E-40 always finds a creative way to approach an old topic (and his opening verse here is no exception), but the highlight is when the hook’s samplee (Shawty Lo) steps into the spotlight for a full verse towards the end.  Why are his rhymes the highlight?  Because his presence will give hope (however unrealistic) to all the Jay-Z and Lil Wayne samplers you’ll find in your city!  Either way, put on 17.5 in the whip, and get ready for your trunk’s subwoofers (if you have them) to blast!

Block Life E-40 Shawty Lo

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Posted 7 years ago
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