Bubba Sparxx ft. Ying Yang Twins - Ridiculous

Posted 5 years ago
Mr. Collipark, co-prod. Mr. Hanky
Mr. ColliPark Presents: "Can I Have the Club Back, Please"

Following last week’s Boomerang, the Ying Yang Twins are back, this time letting Bubba Sparxxx take the lead in Ridiculous, the second featured cut off of Mr. Collipark Presents: Can I Have the Club Back, Please. Producer Collipark (with help from Mr. Hanky) creates a swarm of zipping synths driven by a thudding kick drum as Sparxxx puts the “dic” back in ridiculous in this Southern/Crunk/Porno Music/Pop smorgasbord. Bubba flows (debatable) to the four-on-the-floor rhythm about snatching girls and getting…well…ridiculous. Then, after some British girl spells out the D-I-C in ridiculous just in case we forgot, it’s the Ying Yang Twins’ turn on the mic. As expected, Kane and D-Roc bring their typically wild antics to Ridiculous, going absolutely in on the whole D-I-C pun. This is really the only thing you could’ve expected from these guys. I could rant and rant but at the end of the day, this—booty shakin’, bass blaring madness—is what they do, and if that’s what your into then feel free to blast it as loud as you want to. Expect more ridiculousness when Have the Club Back, Please drops this Wednesday, March 2.

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Posted 5 years ago
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