Bugus - G’s Up, Hoes Down

By | 5 years ago
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Artist: Bugus
Track: G's Up, Hoes Down
Producer: Russ
Album: None

In a bonus track off 1993’s Doggystyle, Snoop posed the question of ‘G’z versus hoes, coming down firmly on the “G” side of the equation. On Booth newcomer BugusG’s Up Hoes Down, the ATLien introduces a new wrinkle to the argument—he’s still in the “G” camp but, as the 18-year-old emcee explains over Russ’ fresh sample work (Where have I heard that whistling before?), he understands the letter to stand for “Girls.” This joint isn’t attached to any forthcoming project but, as always, those who like what they’re hearing can keep it locked for all the latest from this promising up-and-comer.

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