Candice Anitra x Mustafa Shakir - Love

Joel Hamilton
The Love Machine EP

When you hear the word “Love” in an R&B/pop song, it’s typically referring to eros, or romantic, intimate love. What singer/songwriter Candice Anitra and rapper Mustafa Shakir have in mind on their Booth debut, however, is closer to agape, the all-encompassing love of humanity. Over Joel Hamilton‘s syncopated guitar licks and subtly driving rhythm section, the bi-coastal twosome deliver sung and flowed verses that could as easily be addressed to God or the universe as to an individual man or woman. Like what you’re hearing? You can find this project standout and many more catchy, left-of-center cuts on the duo’s Love Machine EP, released October 29, via HeartSleeve Records/Orchard.

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Posted 2 years ago

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