Coldplay ft. Rihanna - Princess of China

Posted 3 years ago
Mylo Xyloto

I know what you’re thinking: “Why is Coldplay featured in The DJBooth? And is there even a Princess of China?” To answer the questions in reverse order: no, there hasn’t been a royal family in China since the formal abdication of the Qing Dynasty and the establishment of the Republic of China back in the early 20th century. And as for why we’re featuring this cut, the fourth single off the British rock giants’ fifth studio album, well, there are a whole host of reasons. For one thing, the cut is far from your average Coldplay joint: written with guest star Rihanna in mind, the cut finds the group blazing a trail into urban-pop territory, crafting a vivid synth soundscape to back frontman Chris Martin as he trades emotive bars with the Bajan pop songstress. Then there’s Adria Petty and Alan Bibby‘s newly-released video, an epic affair featuring RiRi as a “gangster goth geisha” in an eclectic Far-Eastern setting. Has this cut left you craving more arena-ready rockers and genre-blending experimentation from Coldplay? Then head out to your record store today and grab a copy of Mylo Xyloto, released via Parlophone in fall of last year.

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Posted 3 years ago

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