Curtiss King - Fvck Cancer

By | 5 years ago
curtiss-king-fvck-cancer Download
Artist: Curtiss King
Track: Fvck Cancer
Producer: Villian
Album: Atychiphobia

If there’s one thing that just about everyone in the Booth and beyond should be able to agree with, it’s that life-threatenng diseases f**king suck. Thus, we should all be able to get behind Fvck Cancer, the second single off Curtiss King‘s forthcoming freshman set. Here, Villian flips a sample from Europe’s The Final Countdown as the SoCal spitter lashes out at the illness that claimed his grandfather, and reaffirms his determination to fight his way to the top of the music game against all odds. Feeling it? More awaits on DJBooth-hosted debut set Atychiphobia, slated to hit our mixtape page soon for free streaming and download.

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