DeLon - The Doo Wop (Be Mine)

Posted about 7 years ago
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Though Calor De La Salsa (The Heat Of Salsa) and Nasty Girl made DeLon the first artist of Sri Lankan descent to earn a spot on the US Billboard charts, the L.A.-based rapper/singer is even better-known for his remix of Paper Planes, on which he exposed M.I.A.‘s alleged ties with the Tamil Tigers terrorist group—though some predicted the contentious cut would sink his career,  the result was the opposite: the controversy only attracted more fans to his Movement.  On The Doo Wop, a track off his forthcoming junior album, The Booth newcomer showcases his sung and rapped vocal stylings as he asks a special lady to “Be Mine.”  The Jam add to the crossover appeal with a catchy beat reminiscent of Dr. Dre‘s boardwork on Eminem‘s We Made You.  If you, too, want to join The Movement, simply pick up a copy of DeLon’s fourth full-length when it hits record stores and online retailers on September 1st.

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Posted about 7 years ago
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