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Posted 6 years ago
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The Apartment LP

True love is a great start, but sometimes it just isn’t enough to make the damn thing work.  Dynas, the Miami rapper introduced to the Booth via Lex One‘s Heat, is well aware that passion and compatibility don’t always go hand in hand, and on new album leak Totally Tanya, he offers a case in point.  Flowing over a mellow, soul-drenched beat by illmind (anyone know where that sample comes from?), the emcee tells the tale of Tanya, a promiscuous female with a gold-digging streak. When she meets DeWayne, a fella who wants more than just to love and leave her, she falls for him and they soon have a child.  In the end, though, DeWayne’s desire for a stable, committed relationship just doesn’t mix with Tanya’s flighty tendencies, and that friction inevitably leads to heartbreak.  It’s a well-told story with a message that bears repeating, and Dynas’ lightly-accented delivery lends the extra dash of pop appeal.  For more of this up-and-comer’s unique brand of urban storytelling, pick up a copy of The Apartment when it hits stores Sept. 29th.


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Posted 6 years ago

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