IsaiahThe3rd - Photographic Memory

By | 4 years ago
isaiahthe3rd-photographic-memory Download
Artist: IsaiahThe3rd
Track: Photographic Memory
Producer: The Termination
Album: Public Enemy #3

Having a photographic memory would be cool, but I’d rather have a phonographic memory. That way I could play all my favorite songs on demand, like the latest from IsaiahThe3rd. On Photographic Memory, the New Yorker recounts mental photographs of all the ladies he has been with over the years. As the emcee will tell you, with a smooth style that saunters atop the jazzy The Termination production, he has more photos than a yearbook. While being able to picture these lovely ladies in vivid detail might sound great to some, it is more of a curse than a gift, as Isaiah confesses, “I remember it all/ wish I didn’t.” So, Booth Nation, do you dig this smoother than silk cut or does Isaiah need to develop another skill set? Let us know in the comment section below and be on the lookout for Public Enemy #3, coming soon.

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