Jarren Benton - Gimmie the Loot

Posted 2 years ago
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Plenty of rappers flip Biggie samples in their work, but far fewer are audacious enough to borrow a title from one of the late rap legend’s classic cuts. Reader fave Jarren Benton, though, is just the kind of crazy motherf**ker who could pull it off. While promo single Gimmie the Loot shares its name (Plus an “i,” for all y’all nitpickers.), hook and general theme with the Ready to Die standout, it’s a very different beast where lyrical style and sound are concerned. Behind the boards, M16 eschews throwback grooves in favor of an abrasive arrangement driven by dubstep-esque bass wobbles and jackhammering trap hi-hats. “Abrasive” is also a fitting adjective to describe Benton’s rapid-fire bars, which brim with aggressive trash-talk and out-the-box braggadocio. Jakob Owens skillfully captures the joint’s hyperkinetic vibe in his official visuals. In April, Jarren Benton will be hitting the road with Tech N9ne in support of last year’s My Grandma’s Basement LP. Fans should be sure to check out the artist’s recent Three Shots With… interview with the Booth’s own Nathan S..

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Posted 2 years ago

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