Jon Connor - Broken Mirror

Posted 5 years ago

Coming from the right mouth even the simplest of language can feel like a revelation. Jon Connor, the growing character in rap music’s latest movie holds up his recently-leaked song, Broken Mirrors, to the ears of the listening public. Reflecting a mind that sees how history can shape the future, Connor brings honesty insight with simple bars that only a messiah-type could conjure so effectively: “High school, I knew who I was, I had direction/a leader, I aint follow nobody, always progressing.” Recently featured on the Booth and SMKA’s exclusive Money Comes Fast,  the Freestyle alum summoned New York City’s Reef on the production; his priors with 50 Cent and the cats from Shady Records make his use of soul samples and dirty drums a well-matched sound to Jon Connor’s testimony. Careful, this track might lead to conversion. Watch Kingdom Come when Connor drops the upcoming, straight-to-iTunes album, Salvation, due July 12. And don’t worry, there won’t be any T-1000 types that can stop this.

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Posted 5 years ago
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