Kid The Traveler - The Stoves On

By | Posted September 25, 2013
kid-the-traveler-the-stoves-on Download
Artist: TRVLR
Track: The Stoves On
Producer: Kid The Traveler

Right from the opening lines of Kid The Traveler‘s latest feature (“I masturbate with my right arm / Never been a lucky lefty.”) you know you are in for something different, strange and captivating. On this Booth-exclusive world premiere, Kid showcases a truly unique style that will stick in your brain long after The Stoves On ends. While his self-produced beat is slurred and eclectic, his vocal performance is just as varied as the instrumental. Kid mixes grungy, distorted singing with a cutting, brash flow that hammers home the joint’s don’t-give-a-f**k, out-of-left-field vibe. There is not currently any news on a larger release, but those left craving more can check out the artist’s July Booth debut, TUDAY.

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