Maino - I Still Love You

Posted 4 years ago
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DJ Green Lantern
I Am Who I Am

If you ever watched The Boondocks you may recall Huey Freeman saying “Being the bigger man is overrated,” before receiving a brutal headbutt from his former best friend. It’s never easy to take the high road after you’ve been betrayed by someone close you, which is something that Maino talks about candidly in his latest mixtape single I Still Love You. It’s a special kind of hurt that’s experienced when someone you care about turns their back on you, so hearing Maino tell those who have wronged him “I still love you” is rather humbling. He even admits to having thoughts of vanquishing his opponent, but it’s clear that the best solution is to step back and let karma do its work. With strong, moving production from DJ Green Lantern, the song is haunting without being too dark and honest without being overly emotional. It’s something that will resonate with the listener whether they’ve been betrayed or even if they were the betrayer. I Still Love You will be on Maino’s upcoming tape I Am Who I Am, dropping Thursday, January 26, which will preempt Maino’s The Day After Tomorrow album, reportedly set to be released this spring.


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Posted 4 years ago
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