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Posted 2 years ago
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Jahlil Beats

Since last we featured him, Metis has become a member of the Warner Bros. stable. With the ink drying on that long-lusted-after major publishing contract, the L.A./London dual repper must be feeling pretty damn good about the state of his career, right? Wrong! On Greener Grass, a Booth-exclusive world premiere, he reveals that the same insatiable drive to succeed that brought him this far has left him unable to sit back and savor his achievements: “They say I’m admired as a mind who reach for everything / Soon as I get it, though, I’m reachin’ for the next, man. / Didn’t even celebrate the motherf**kin’ label deal…Jahlil Beats backs the artist’s introspective bars with a melancholy sample from Adele’s Turn the Tables. Fans will be able to find Greener Grass and much more on Metis’s DIY LP, scheduled for release in December. His official debut single, All In, which will front a global Coke Zero ad campaign, will be released in Europe October 7.

Metis Premiere

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Posted 2 years ago

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