Mikkey Halsted - The Exorcist

Posted 5 years ago
No I.D.
DarkRoom LP

Sometimes a song’s title tells you everything you need to know. For example, Mikkey Halsted‘s new single is called The Exorcist, and even a brief listen will easily reveal why. With a frightening organ solo that gives you an instantly eerie feeling, the song starts out like a mix of soundtracks from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and, well, The Exorcist. However, when producer No I.D‘s chopped up organ notes are introduced alongside a banging drum beat, it all comes together dopely. On the mic, with his vivid imagery and lyricism, you can almost picture the rap game being a possessed little girl, and Mikkey coming in to save her soul. But the Chicago vet doesn’t do this with prayers, but with a smooth flow mixed with raw lyrics and sharp punchlines. If Mikkey keeps dropping records like this as he prepares for the release of his DarkRoom LP, set to drop in December, than let me be the first to reserve my copy. With Mickey as the exorcist and the DarkRoom as his Bible, maybe we can finally chase away all of hip-hop’s demons after all.

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Posted 5 years ago
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