Mvstermind ft. Dharma Jean - Sucka Punch

Posted 2 years ago
A.D.D. (Artistically Day Dreaming)

A Sucka Punch is about the worst thing that can happen. One minute you are walking along, minding your own business, the next you get pushed into the knockout game and end up on Worldstar. Working a job you hate with every fiber of your being is like being sucker punched every day; just ask Mvstermind. Fed up with working long hours for little pay and even less appreciation, he takes to the mic to vent on this Booth-exclusive world premiere. Atop his own lively, 8-bit inspired beat, Mvstermind recounts his struggle to balance work with his real love, music. The passion and hunger in his voice gives this cut the authentic, personable quality that makes it memorable. Of course, Dharma Jean‘s crisp hookwork also helps to make this one stick. This record, now getting the visual treatment, can be found on the artist’s A.D.D. (Artistically Day Dreaming) full-length, available for purchase as of last April.

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Posted 2 years ago
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