Mystikal - Hit Me

Posted 3 years ago
KLC (The Drum Major)

Missing from our pages since May, when he popped into the Booth with mixtape single Bullsh*t before reporting in for a three-month prison sentence, Mystikal returns to resume his comeback bid with a James Brown-inspired loosie titled Hit Me. Fans worried that those 90 days behind bars might have taken the wind of out of the emcee’s sails will be reassured by the energy he exudes over KLC‘s funky throwback grooves. Bantering with the (imaginary) audience and busting out a few of the King of Soul’s catchphrases, the New Orleans native exhibits a mic presence no less electrifying than it was in his No Limit heyday. If Hit Me leave you hungry for more new material, keep it locked; Mystikal’s YMCMB debut album, Original, has yet to receive a spot on the label’s 2013 release calendar, but we’ll keep you supplied with all the latest news and tunes.

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Posted 3 years ago

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