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Posted about 7 years ago
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Have you seen the television show Dirty Sexy Money?  I haven’t, but, considering how quickly it got canceled, I’m confident I didn’t miss anything. You would, however, be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t listen to this new track by London-based R&B singer Nathan, also titled Dirty Sexy Money.  The instrumental, borrowed from Justice‘s Genesis, almost feels tailor-made for the track. Nathan sings an effortlessly compelling melody over the French house duo’s synth swishes and bass stabs, contouring his voice to match the beat’s every twist and turn.  Genesis was a strong track on its own, but the addition of Nathan’s vocals makes for an incredibly catchy, yet substantial song—I almost hope the guys in Justice hear this and consider branching out into R&B production. In any case, this dance floor scorcher is sure to be a bigger hit than the short-lived TV series that shares its name.

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Posted about 7 years ago

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