New Kidz - Woman

Posted 7 years ago
Gargamel Music Prod.
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Go ahead everybody, take a sigh of relief; New Kidz is not the urban alter-ego of New Kids on The Block. In fact, New Kidz isn’t a group at all, but rather the moniker for a rising reggae artist out of Kingston, Jamaica. His new single, Woman, is dancehall-rap in the mold of Sean Paul and Buju Banton. Unsurprisingly, most of it is unintelligible, but that’s half of the appeal, isn’t it? Gargamel Music Productions, which doubles as his label, is responsible for the production. If dancehall is your type of thing, you’ll likely enjoy Woman. If it’s not, beware. No announcements have been made as of yet regarding his next album.

New Kidz Reggae Dancehall

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Posted 7 years ago

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