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Posted about 5 years ago
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I can always count on Chi-town artists to get back to basics with this hip hop ish. Real talk. Just for the sake of slapping the blogs with a sweatshirt and dirty sock jam, Omen hits us with Money Now, a track that has an atmosphere that emulates his name. Dark, yet pounding, the Chicago-native self-produces this song (even though he’s not Omen the producer) using a determined bass line and piano accompaniment blended with the use of simple synths, giving him freedom to be just as honest and uncouth as he wants to be. Omen’s constant repetition of “I’m about my money now” makes for great call-and-response while his flow brings reminders of Pharcyde’s erratic skatter, SlimKid Tre’s verse on Running Away. It works for the fact that its not working at all, it just is. The beat, the words: green and raw. Keep busy with this track from Omen as he prepares for the release of his upcoming mixtape, Afraid of Heights which has yet to release a single. Stick with the Booth and we’ll keep you posted on the drop!

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Posted about 5 years ago

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