Rapper Big Pooh ft. Carlitta Durand - Freebasin’

Posted 5 years ago
Mell and D
FatBoyFresh Vol. 1: For Members Only

Don’t worry, kids – Little Brother alum Rapper Big Pooh hasn’t picked up any unsavory habits since parting ways with Phonte and 9th back in 2010. The title of new mixtape single Freebasin’ simply refers to the fact that the underground mainstay’s been high on life, giddy with the knowledge that he’s making every day count. That doesn’t mean, however, that the record itself isn’t certified crack music. Mell & D set a euphoric mood on the production tip, crafting an understated but addictive string-sampled beat, and the headliner comes with quietly determined rhymes to match. Acknowledging that he’s made his share of mistakes, he nonetheless remains confident he can handle his business, concluding: “As each day passes, the next get brighter / And so on and so on, the show must go on.” If that’s not sunny enough for you, then hookwoman Carlitta Durand‘s radiant chorus vocals should ensure you meet your RDA of Vitamin D. Need more Big Pooh in your life? You’ll find what you seek on FatBoyFresh Vol. 1: For Members Only, scheduled to hit the ‘net April 5.

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Posted 5 years ago
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