Sean Falyon - STAY UP

Posted 3 years ago
M $tacks
None (Promo Single)

Given that this feature is going live in the afternoon, I have no idea why you’d already be contemplating hitting the hay. On the off chance you are considering turning in ultra-early (or live on the other side of the globe), though, may I suggest that you STAY UP at least long enough to give Sean Falyon‘s latest feature a spin? Contrary to what those last two sentences (which I’ll admit I penned before fully listening to the joint) imply, the title of the Philly repper’s new promo single refers not to wakefulness, but to altitude—both literal and metaphorical. Falyon conceived the joint while soaring at 30,000 feet above the Earth’s surface, after hitting three cities in the course of a week. Backed by M $tacks’ dreamy harp and sax loops, the artist reflects on lofty heights he’s reached in the game and insists he’s “not ever comin’ down.” This record isn’t part of a larger project, but those feeling it would be well-advised to check out Falyon’s December EP, recently released for free streaming and digital purchase right here in The DJBooth.

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Posted 3 years ago
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