Shye ft. Sir Michael Rocks - Picture Me

Posted 5 years ago
Lavish Dreams & Addictions

Close your eyes – wait, scratch that, keep them open and keep reading this. But while you’re reading, use your mind’s eye to picture Chitown newcomer Shye smokin’ as he rolls down the street in his immaculate whip. Or, hell, if you’re lacking in the imagination department, just press “play” and stare at the rapper’s promo photo for three minutes – the important thing is that you take a listen to Picture Me. This laid-back banger, the latest single off Shye’s Lavish Dreams & Addictions street album, is predominantly concerned with the former; over the dreamy electronic boardwork of Chemist, Shye asks his girl to sit back and envision the success that in his future – from the “coupe with the doors up,” to the name-brand fashions, to the afternoons of Rozay-soaked poolside relaxation. On the middle, Sir Michael Rocks (who recently released his Rocks Report mixtape for in the Booth) acts as the voice of reason, encouraging Shye to think beyond the confines of rank materialism. Whether you relate to the headliner’s dreams of fame and fortune or agree with the Cool Kids frontman’s rejoinder, more fresh meditations on the grind await on the artist’s new mixtape, due out next month.

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Posted 5 years ago

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