The Red, Gold & Green Machine - Stop Trippin’ (Open Your Eyes)

By | 2 years ago
Track: Stop Trippin' (Open Your Eyes)
Producer: Selecta Kram

Romantic relationships run on trust—and conversely, nothing destroys a promising love like petty suspicion. On their first Booth feature and latest single, an exclusive world premiere, Los Angeles-to-Canada connection The Red, Gold & Green Machine offer some sage advice: Open Your Eyes and Stop Trippin’, rather than letting paranoia ruin a good thing. The records itself is every bit as appealing as its message, boasting a breezy, reggae-informed beat (courtesy of Selecta Kram), doo wop-style vocal harmonies and some lively narrative rhymes. For Stop Trippin’ and much more, check out the trio’s Planet Africa LP when it drops independently on Tuesday, June 9.

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