Young Scolla - Losin Myself

Filed Under: Music Videos,          by Nathan S. on Jan 09, 2012

As Smoking Section quoted, “We’ve all had one of those nights”. You know, the kind where you walk into the party optimistic and end up susceptible to whatever women are handing out, whether it be booze or backgammon lessons in the back room.

Well, as Young Scolla continues to push the re-release of his oh-so-cohesive project with SMKA, Seconds Away, the Detroit native puts us in his shoes for such an evening out, as part of his latest video to Losin Myself.

Starting off sober, but ending up blurred, slurred and hurting in the morning, this cool, half-rap/half-R&B crossbreed is quality background music for any incarnation of your party. Whether you will or won’t remember hearing the song the next morning, though, has nothing to do with it’s quality.

Visit Scolla’s site and download Seconds Away:

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