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10 New Songs You Need This Week

Great new songs from 03 Greedo, Anderson .Paak, Vince Staples and more.
10 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week, March 9, 2018

We're back with yet another week of must-hear music.

Let's get right into it... (and find a Spotify playlist of all these songs here).

03 Greedo — "Look At Me Now"

The Wolf of Grape Street is 03 Greedo's first project since signing with Alamo Records and "Look At Me Now" is an early standout. Over one of the tape's more haunting (if not standard) trap backdrops, Greedo simply sounds like a man possessed. He moves steadily from bar to bar with a forceful urgency, swelling with an energy that threatens to spill out at any second. Raps devolve into frenzied singing and after revealing that "a year ago I lost my n*gga" his yells begin to crack with desperation.

Anderson .Paak — "'Til It’s Over"

With both of .Paak’s 2016 full-lengths (Malibu and Yes Lawd!) aging like whiskey, there are few more exciting prospects in 2018 music than a new album from Oxnard’s finest. Whether it’s a one-off or a taste of what’s to come, “’Til It’s Over” sounds less like the explosion on the single’s cover and more like a late afternoon cruise, when the sun fades into the horizon and the daytime fatigue recedes into the excitement of a night out.

Note: I haven't watched this Apple ad, but that's the only embed, so I hope it's good.

Tobi Lou — "Troop" ft. Smino

Tobi Lou's “Troop” bottles the reassuring joy of being your own best friend. The production, handled by an entire troop, is a bass-boosted lullaby. Problems and issues get poured and smoked into the bliss of turning off any worries to turn up with yourself for a little bit.

Vince Staples — "Get the Fuck Off My Dick"

There are few things in the world better than hearing Vince Staples talk shit. If he says Wraiths are ugly than I have no choice but to use that as the reason I don't own one. Also, while I like Vince’s robot video game beats just fine, it’s really great to hear him with DJ Dahi again.

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Jeremih — "Forever I’m Ready"

There are few artists in the world better than Jeremih at making music for sexual mood-setting. “Forever I’m Ready,” from his new Chocolate Box EP, isn’t really a go-to in that regard unless you want to have 2Pac’s “Keep Ya Head Up” on your mind mid-fuck (see surrounding tracks “Suck Me To Sleep” and “Nympho” for more appropriate choices), but it’s still a bright and sugary piece of ear candy from the Chicago crooner.

Roc Marciano — "Happy Endings"

Now that RR2 has made it to streaming services, I can finally recommend Roc Marci’s latest collection of luxury street raps for you broke boys too cheap to shell out $30 in support of the wordsmith who “made cocaine more famous than the flavor known as peppermint.” The Bitter Dose is best consumed in a single dose, so take your pick of which track best speaks to your preferences, but “Happy Endings” is a good entry point and a victory lap ode to exquisite taste.

Sango — "Khlorine" ft. Smino

Sango has been one of the more underrated beatsmiths bridging the worlds of hip-hop, R&B and soulful electronic. Smino adds a blunt-fried bounce to everything he’s on. “Khlorine” is effortlessly infectious.

Lil Yachty — "66" ft. Trippie Redd

Lil Boat 2 is the overcorrection to Teenage Emotions’ manufactured, pop excess and sunny-day optimism, a doubling down on Yachty’s most unaffected, sardonic sensibilities over bass-heavy beats that sound like they were overcooked in a dirty microwave. This leads to some gems (“Oops,” “Get Money Bros.”), but the real winner is “66,” an ethereal, melodic affair with Trippie Redd (who steals the show).

S'natra — "Off Key"

Harlem MC S’natra maintains the hustler’s essence of his city, looking toward a life in music amidst the constant pull of life in the streets, while Brasstracks producer Ivan Jackson provides a modern canvas.

SG Tip — "Push Up" ft. Smokepurrp & Yung Bans

You had me at “Got an AR with some titties that’s a hundred rounds."

Album of the Week:

03 Greedo — The Wolf of Grape Street

Meme of the Week:


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10 New Songs You Need This Week

10 New Songs You Need This Week

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10 New Songs You Need This Week

10 New Songs You Need This Week

Your weekly roundup of the best music has to offer.


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