10 Most-Played Hip-Hop Songs on Spotify This Week

Welcome, Lil Dicky.
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Lil Dicky

Every week, tens of thousands of new songs are added to Spotify, but you'd never know it by looking strictly at our 10 Most-Played Hip-Hop Songs on Spotify This Week chart. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the platform's playlists, which are now more powerful than radio, the same few records tend to stick around for months at a time.

Since the beginning of February 2018, we've been compiling streaming data on a weekly basis, and on average, once a song breaks through to the top 10 most-played, the retention rate (from one week to the next) is somewhere in the neighborhood of 70-80%.

This week, four new songs enter the top 10, but only two are new releases: Lil Dicky's "Freaky Friday" featuring Chris Brown and XXXTentacion's "Moonlight." Both Post Malone's "rockstar" and The Weeknd's "Pray For Me" re-enter after spending one week away.

Before we take a look at the complete list, a few friendly observations:   

  1. Not only is "rockstar" the biggest record of Post Malone's brief career, but it's now the 13th most-played song of all-time on Spotify and the 14th record to surpass 900 million plays.
  2. In one week, "Freaky Friday" has become the fifth most-played song of Lil Dicky's career on Spotify. The new release also elevated the rapper's monthly listener total past 10 million.
  3. How's this for diversity: Drake, Post Malone, XXXTentacion or Kendrick Lamar appear on eight of the 10 songs on this week's chart. 

The List (all-time streams):

  1. Drake "God's Plan" (494M)
  2. Post Malone "Psycho" (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) (181M)
  3. XXXTentacion "SAD!" (98.7M)
  4. Kendrick Lamar "All The Stars" (with SZA) (265M)
  5. BlocBoy JB "Look Alive" (ft. Drake) (144M)
  6. Lil Dicky "Freaky Friday" (ft. Chris Brown) (31.6M)
  7. Post Malone "rockstar" (ft. 21 Savage) (901M)
  8. XXXTentacion "Moonlight" (32.2M)
  9. The Weeknd "Pray For Me" (ft. Kendrick Lamar) (154M)
  10. Rich The Kid "Plug Walk" (45.5M)