10 Most-Played Hip-Hop Songs on Spotify This Week

Welcome, J. Cole.
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Everyone, please welcome Jermaine Cole to "Spotify's Most-Played Hip-Hop Songs This Week."

Let's face it, the last few months have been a bit stagnant. Each week, we chart the most-played hip-hop songs on Spotify, and just about every week, it's been the same songs by Drake, Post Malone, Migos, and/or Kendrick Lamar. 

This week, though, J. Cole's new album made its mark.

That said, scroll down for a list (and playlist) of the biggest hits in hip-hop on Spotify. Reminder: if you want the BEST music each week, head over to our 10 New Songs You Need to Hear series, which returns at the top of next week.

Before we take a look at the complete list, a few friendly observations:

  1. Obviously, the biggest news this week is that J. Cole's KOD has dominated Spotify since its release last Friday. While no one song was able to bump Drake from the top spot, Cole's feature-less album sees six records populating the majority of the top ten, led by its title track and the obvious choice for a next single. 
  2. Drake's "Nice For What" has finally (and easily) surpassed the 100-million stream mark. It still has a long way to go before threatening to topple the total of "God's Plan," though, which is closing in on 650 million.
  3. While Post Malone's streaming titan "Psycho" slid from the top three to No. 9, expect Post to make a strong resurgence next week with the release of his new album, beerbongs & bentleys

The List (all-time streams):

  1. Drake "Nice For What" (116M)
  2. J. Cole "KOD" (25.4M)
  3. J. Cole "ATM" (20.4M)
  4. Drake "God's Plan" (641M)
  5. J. Cole "Motiv8" (18.7M)
  6. J. Cole "Kevin's Heart" (18.9M)
  7. J. Cole "Photograph" (17.6M)
  8. J. Cole "1985 - Intro to "The Fall Off" (16.5M)
  9. Post Malone "Psycho" (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) (290M)
  10. Cardi B "I Like It" (w/ Bad Bunny & J Balvin) (57.7M)