10 Most-Played Hip-Hop Songs on Spotify This Week

a.k.a. "10 Most-Played Drake Songs on Spotify This Week."
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It's Drake's world and we're just living in it, just waiting around and hoping for acknowledgment like Adonis. 

As such, it's no surprise that Drake and his mega-event album, Scorpionhave completely dominated the 10 most-played hip-hop songs on Spotify this week, especially considering the streaming giant's intense promotional efforts for the album.

And by complete domination, we mean that he holds all 10 spots. The only other name you'll see below is Michael Jackson, who, of course, appears on "Don't Matter To Me."

Before we take a look at the complete list, a few friendly observations:

  • This week marks the first time that an artist has held all 10 spots since we started this chart in February. Also, less surprising/notably, it marks the first time that Michael Jackson has made this list.
  • The highest non-Drake entry? Juice WRLD's "Lucid Dreams," which sits at No. 14. In related news, you can now watch Juice WRLD freestyle for over an hour straight.
  • No. 1 and 2, Drake's "Nonstop" and "Don't Matter To Me," have both surpassed 43 million Spotify streams. No. 3, "Emotionless," sits at 29 million, a very significant drop-off from the two most-played Scorpion tracks.

The List (all-time streams):

  1. Drake "Nonstop" (43.1M)
  2. Drake "Don't Matter To Me" ft. Michael Jackson (43M)
  3. Drake "In My Feelings" (29.6M)
  4. Drake "Emotionless" (29.3M)
  5. Drake "I'm Upset" (92M)
  6. Drake "Survival" (26.9M)
  7. Drake "Elevate" (26.7M)
  8. Drake "Mob Ties" (25.6M)
  9. Drake "God's Plan" (876M)
  10. Drake "8 Out Of 10" (25.6M)