10 New Songs You Need This Week

Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Childish Gambino, and more have songs you need to hear this week.
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10 new hip-hop songs you need this week

Treason, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kylie Jenner—must be another week in paradise. 

If, like me, you're having difficulty stomaching the number of headlines regarding billionaires saying stupid shit, doing stupid shit, and/or making obscene amounts of money us plebeians can only attempt to imagine, it's time to retreat to the safety and comfort of music and feast upon the latest and greatest in hip-hop. 

Put more simply, these are the 10 New Songs You Need This Week. Enjoy. (Here is a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.)

Wiz Khalifa — “Blue Hunnids” ft. Jimmy Wopo & Hardo

It’s been four years since the release of a true Wiz Khalifa album—2016’s Khalifa was a compilation album, remember? The wait for Rolling Papers 2, combined with the fact the new project was a sequel to the Pittsburgh evangelist’s breakthrough major label debut, might have drummed up a good deal of excitement had Wiz been an artist known for above-average albums or artistic growth. 

As it turns out, Rolling Papers 2 is a 25-track, hour-and-a-half journey that had no business being 25 tracks or an hour and a half long. (Did I mention that two of those tracks are actually EACH TWO DIFFERENT TRACKS???) For every catchy Swae Lee feature or surprisingly transparent effort (“B Ok”), there exists an annoying (“Goin Hard”) or downright puzzling inclusion (“Rain”). There are certainly some gems amidst the filler—Ty Dolla $ign’s hot streak continues on the buried 25th track “Something New,” and “Gin and Drugs” is more endearing than its name might suggest—but none shine brighter than “Blue Hunnids,” featuring the late Jimmy Wopo and Hardo, which absolutely steals the spotlight over Sledgren production. RIP Wopo.

Mac Miller — “Self Care”

My dear friend Donna wrote about Mac’s new single far better (and more eloquently) than I ever could. Just know I support blasting cigs in a casket. 

Childish Gambino — “Summertime Magic”

Donald Glover might not know quite what to do with all the attention he’s garnered for himself—musically, at least. But if he’s dropping off inoffensive, tropical summertime magic primed for day-drinking playlists on shuffle then I’ll take my steel drum fix. 

Ari Lennox — “Whipped Cream”

Dreamville's golden voice returns with a gorgeously relaxed bit of soul to pique interest further for her upcoming debut album. Produced by Elite, "Whipped Cream" sounds fresh and nostalgic at once. 

Valee — “Allat”

Valee makes spending ludicrous amounts of money on foreign lip balm sound like the meaning of life.

Chief Keef — “Hand Made”

Almighty Sosa’s Mansion Musick highlights find him reveling in the lifestyle of things made by hand. “In Siberia, gettin’ hand-made gas / You ain’t smokin’ boy your weed hand-made trash.”

Rico Nasty — “Big Dick Energy”

Rico Nasty has so much fucking big dick energy. Millions of actual dick-carriers around the world would kill to be this alpha.  

Garren Sean — “Sundripcherryswell”

I’ve been championing Garren Sean since GARREN, LP first blessed my ears last year. SUNDRIP, his new EP, is full of sunbleached, psychedelic soul that’s indebted to his influences as it is uniquely his own. “Sundripcherryswell” matches the excellence its name suggests, a whirling, untroubled outro that saves its sweetest touch for last.

Quando Rondo — “Rich Homie Quando” ft. Rich Homie Quan

It finally happened. Two Georgia-native Quans going in and recounting struggles and mile-markers over their respective lives. On one side, Rondo, the rising star. On the other, Rich Homie, the wizened veteran. 

Lil B — “Money In My Spirit Ouu”

I’m ready for Lil B to rap on beats from people not named Lil B again. I’m also ready for Lil B music videos again, and verses entirely made up of shout-outs to various cities. Even Tacoma, Washington. “It ain’t easy being solo, bitch, put 'em in their place like parts of a Volvo."

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Garren Sean — SUNDRIP

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